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I'm Erik Anderson and I enjoy creating a variety of HipHop tracks ranging from 90's HipHop style of beats, to modern day Chillhop and Lofi HipHop tracks with a focus on relaxed grooves, intimate sounds and delicate textures.

But I also have a passion for composing melodic and emotional piano and string cues, cinematic cello-based pieces and ambient underscores.

About Me

I started on my musical path at age 9 with basic piano lessons, which I continued for 2 years. I later picked up the bass when I was 14 and played with a few bands. A few years later I got an Akai S2000 sampler and a drum machine and started making hip hop tracks. 
In the winter of '98 I started my enrollment in Berklee College of Music in Boston, which involved ear training, theory, harmony, traditional harmony, bass proficiency, composition, synthesis, production and engineering. 
Graduated in 2002 received my bachelors degree in Music Production and Engineering. I then came back to New Jersey and started up my first recording studio with a few friends and musicians. In 2006 I started my own studio, as sole owner/engineer/producer, which I helped construct and design. 
It was during 2020 that I realized my passion for running a recording studio had diminished, and that wasn't what I was supposed to be doing musically. I then decided to focus on my own music and started composing and writing for TV/Film.

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